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Asia Flex League 2020 - Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and India

In the current climate where travelling and large tournaments are nearly impossible, AFP initiated this league competition format where all matches are organized and played within the last quarter of 2020 across Asia in our associates and affiliate members' country. It is about our pickleball community’s adapting to individual countries Covid-19 restriction and enjoying this sport under the new norm.  It is to show our creativity to make play possible whilst embracing brand new habits, new rules and safe distancing measures.

This league is played in many countries in Asia, first to kick-off is Singapore, followed by Taiwan, Indonesia and Thailand. The rest of the countries will joined after situation in their countries are under-control and safe to play.

Partnering with Pickleball Global, we are adopting the GPR system to establish a competition structure for future national level tournaments, applicable also to regional and international tournaments.






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