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The Asia Pickleball University Network (APUN) is dedicated to advancing university sports in Asia, drawing inspiration from the developmental spirit of the Asia Federation of Pickleball.

Our Mission


To foster academic cooperation and cultivate friendships among students and teachers from universities across Asia. APUN aims to promote unity, innovation, health, and passion through sports exchanges.


To nurture the physical and mental development of Asian university students by honing their athletic skills, cultivating leadership and teamwork, and promoting fair play in university sports events.


To boost the competitiveness of university sports internationally and provide opportunities for Asian university students to engage in cross-cultural learning experiences.


To encourage sportsmanship and promote fair, equitable competition among university athletes, emphasizing the importance of sports ethics and discipline.


To facilitate exchange and cooperation between teachers and players in universities across Asia, promoting a thriving sports culture through college pickleball.


To provide Asian university students with a platform to develop their leadership, communication and innovation on an international stage, enabling them to become global citizens and future leaders in their respective fields.


Dr. Chao-Chien Chen is a highly regarded professor in the Department of Leisure and Recreation Management at Asia University in Taiwan. He earned his Ph.D. in Recreation and Leisure Studies from the University of the Incarnate Word, United States.

With a passion for research, Dr. Chen has developed extensive expertise in recreation behavior, sustainable tourism, and ecotourism. He has authored numerous articles in top-tier academic journals and has presented at conferences both domestically and internationally, sharing his insights and knowledge with fellow experts in the field.


Dr. Chen's experience extends beyond academia, as he has also served as a consultant for government agencies and private organizations on various issues related to tourism and recreation management. His commitment to the field of leisure and recreation management is unwavering, as he endeavors to advance the industry through his teaching, research, and service.

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Susilo M.Pd., D.Ed (Cak Sus) is an esteemed associate professor in the Faculty of Sport Science at the State University of Jakarta in Indonesia. He holds a D.Ed in Physical Education and Training from the University of Central China Normal University in China.

With a deep passion for research, Susilo has dedicated his academic career to the study of Physical Education and Training. His extensive research has led to numerous publications in academic journals, and he has been invited to present his research findings at conferences both domestically and internationally.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Susilo has also lent his expertise to government agencies and private organizations as a consultant on issues related to Physical Education and Training. He is deeply committed to advancing the field through his teaching, research, and service.

Furthermore, Susilo is also a renowned international conference organizer, with a wealth of experience in organizing conferences across the world.

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日本ピックルボール協会 会長の谷口 陽子です。






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Partner Universities

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Join Now

If you are interested in joining the Asia Pickleball University Network (APUN), please write an email to Dr. Peter Chen.

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