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To promote and integrate all Asia nations to grow the sport of Pickleball, we set out 4 focus objectives:

Integration & Governace

  • To establish, jointly govern and promote the sport of Pickleball for all Asian countries.

  • Strengthening the bonds of friendship among Associate, Affiliate and Alliance Members by mutual recognition and respect in the dealings with each other. 

  • To promote and encourage the playing of Pickleball in accordance with the Rules as laid down or approved by the AFP.


  • To initiate, appoint, co-ordinate, organize and promote educational training programs for the Associate Members and Players.

  • To promote and implement the highest degree of standards, rules and integrity to the Players.


  • To initiate, appoint, co-ordinate, organize and govern Asia tournaments.

  • To promote honesty, ethics, sportsmanship and fair play.

  • To prevent different methods, practices, self-rules, corruption, bribery, profit taking, doping, match manipulation and self-promotion, which might jeopardize the integrity of sport.

Self - Sustain

  • To raise and manage all funds required to finance AFP activities.

  • To manage the membership program. To acquire and manage any real estate property or any businesses that will benefit the Federation for the growth of Pickleball.



Let us work together to grow and promote the sport of pickleball in Asia.

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