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“We are all ambassadors...”, AFP CEO Jimmy Tan announces while elaborating on the departments of AFP

The Asia Federation of Pickleball has been formed and the EXCO team is now operationalized. The AFP Board and EXCO comprise of sport experts who are aiming to strengthen the Pickleball fraternity among Associate, Affiliate and Alliance members.


The departments of AFP EXCO are headed by personnel having expertise in not only playing Pickleball but they are immensely skillful as Ambassadors.

Membership Director Mr. Peter Chen

Tournament Director Mr. Eddie Shen

Technology Director Mr. Jan David

Legal Director Adv. Rahul Kankariya

Academy Director Mr. Pavan Patel

Marketing Director Mrs. Michelle Chang

Chief Operating Officer Mr. ShiguruNishigami

Chief Financial Officer Ms. Megumi Nakamura

COO & CFO Mr. Wei Chou

AFP CEO Mr. Jimmy Tan, has been instrumental in bringing together professionals from different fields but having the same passion for Pickleball under the roof of AFP. Jimmy said, “I have seen some organizations having ambassador model and get stuck to that formula for decade. What I thought is to lay the model horizontally and break them into different departments. The departments will act as a team so that there is no burden on a particular person. You can say that all the members, as a whole, are the ambassadors of AFP.”

The departments were well-thought and then laid down. Every department has a team of 4- 5 members to work closely with each other and take forward the organization’s aim to achieve a place at the Asian Games in future. Jimmy Tan explained, “Every department will work independently without any interference from others, still they will coordinate well to take things forward. For example, if someone is coming for training in our academy, then that will come under Academy Department but if that person is willing to become a member then that conversion will be the duty of the Membership Department. Through Academy Department,the local team can focus and reach out wide and deep to their country, states, provinces and villages”. There is no glory for an individual touch down into another capital, swings the paddle and post in social media to earn a credit of job well done.

The AFP is gradually getting stabilized with the Board and EXCO. It has started with 5 associate countries and new entries are coming in as members. But Jimmy wants to “do the Right things and do things Right”. “We need to get the organization stabilized. Create the policy framework and lay down the right foundation. Most importantly, create the values that peoples will appreciate to grow the sport together. Gradually, more countries members from Asia will join in.”

The Asia Federation of Pickleball has set a constitution that provides the fundamental principles for governance. As per the constitution, the Board are selected for a term of 2 years. “I thought that we always need fresh ideas for an organization to develop; so the Board has to be refreshed after a certain period and not being complacent for a sole motive,” Jimmy revealed.


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