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Asia Flex League Singapore

Since start of Phase 2, with the lack of our usual indoor facilities, Pickleball players had taken our sport to new grounds - more games are played outdoors than ever before.  This really shows how versatile Pickleball is.  We have heard of remote working, staggered work hours, adopt new habits, live under a new norm…  Well, here is our FLEX League!  

Hinging on sportsmanship and integrity, where matching players come to mutual agreement on where to play and when to play, and match results are then submitted online.  

In this current climate, this League really has more meaning.  It will be about our pickleball community’s demonstration of enjoying this sport under the new norm.  It is to show our creativity to make play possible whilst embracing brand new habits, new rules and safe distancing measures.  It is about our community working together to show what humanity is about.

Here’s the gist…  It’s anywhere, anytime.  Based on integrity and sportsmanship, matching players shall arrange amongst themselves and come to a mutual agreement of the time and place.  Groups shall not exceed 5 and play will be self-officiating.  

It shall also be our version of domestic tourism.  Be a great host and suggest venues that showcases the best spots to play pickleball - it can be a fabulous public space, or your Condo’s tennis/multi-purpose court, or even in Pulau Ubin if you know the village head there.  Imagine inviting other players to visit your turf, play near your home, and after the game and whilst maintaining safe distancing (of course), walk them through some places of interests in your neighbourhood and introduce the nice food there.  How Singaporean is that!


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