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Salamat Pagi from Indonesia Pickleball Federation (IPF)

IPF is the national governing body of pickleball in Indonesia, registered as federation with the Indonesian Government.

Prof. Dr. Nurhasan M. Kes, President of Indonesia Pickleball Federation (IPF)

The federation is headed by Prof. Dr. Nurhasan M. Kes as the President, and Dr. Susilo as the Secretary General. Both gentlemen have the self-motivation and relentless drive needed to promote pickleball throughout the country. (The writer recalled Dr. Susilo came to Singapore for a two-day visit just to get a flavour of our local tournament...that defines his enthusiasm and dedication!). One of Dr. Susilo's focus is to connect IPF to international pickleball activities and he is appointed by IPF to join AFP Board of Director, representing Indonesia pickleball interest.

Dr. Susilo, Secretary General of Indonesia Pickleball Federation (IPF)

Pickleball was introduced to Indonesia in 2019 at the Faculty of Sport Sciences, University Negeri Jakarta. The following year, in 2020, Persatuan Pickleball Indonesia (PPI) was established, connecting pickleball associations/clubs in over 20 provinces throughout Indonesia. Recently, the association had its name changed to Indonesia Pickleball Federation (IPF) to represent it's country in the international level.

From the President's perspective, IPF do not strive for profit. “Our primary aim is to offer members the opportunity to play pickleball and to pass leisure time actively in a meaningful way. The collective goals of the federation are developed from the members’ interests at heart.", said the President, Prof. Dr. Nurhasan.

The federation recognizes that the long-term success of this game has to be the close alignment between the federation and the interests of its members. This is a crucial factor to embrace current members’ commitments today and ensuring the success of Indonesian pickleball tomorrow.

Never forgetting the silent minority, IPF conducts regular event days for children with special needs; to be inclusive, no one who wishes to learn the game will be left behind or falling through the cracks.

Indonesia Pickleball Federation will work with individuals and organizations to establish strong partnerships in order to provide a platform from which to develop and deliver worthwhile and beneficial projects within the community. For that very reason, we joined AFP.... to leverage on the collective know-how, synergy, and support which AFP provides to its member countries throughout Asia. Acknowledging strength in numbers, joining AFP (with 5,000 players and growing) is the right decision for the collective good for the game, and for pickleball in Indonesia.

Pickleball translates into health by generating physical and mental energy that can be transformed into action, creativity, and innovation. Healthy people can contribute to improving society by bringing that energy to their families, friends, schools, or workplaces.

Pickleball has a unique power to attract, mobilize and inspire. By its very nature, pickleball as a sport is about participation, (as a competitor, or as an official) is about inclusion and citizenship. It stands for human values such as respect for the opponent, acceptance of binding rules, teamwork, and fairness.

Participation in pickleball, and sports in general, serves as a platform for individuals, first and foremost, to exercise and improve overall health and wellbeing. Additional key components such as psychological development, developing leadership skills, self-discipline, respect for authority, competitiveness, cooperativeness, sportsmanship, and self-confidence, are developed by the continuation of participation in pickleball. Furthermore, this game creates an environment where players can improve and develop social skills and building great relationships. The fun and laughter over a cup of coffee or two after each pickleball session is a true testament to what this game is all about.

IPF consistently reiterates to the players to "control the controllable" in terms of their level of commitment and application, rather than attempting to control the outcome (uncontrollable).

Indonesian players continue to compete for individual and team honors. However, the final outcome is not the only measurement of achievement, rather its " do the best you can ".

This ideology fits perfectly into the ancient Greek philosopher Plato's view, where he defines "good sport" is the sport directed toward the fulfilment of oneself, where winning is merely a by-product .......



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