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The Asia Open Pickleball Championships 2024 (AOPC) kicked off on April 30th in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, marking the start of an exciting sporting event. Over 400 athletes from across Asia, America, Europe, and Australia have gathered at the Kỳ Hòa 2 Club in District 10, ready to compete until May 4th, 2024.

The inaugural tournament was a success, thanks to the incredible partnership between the Asia Federation of Pickleball (AFP) and Pickleball and Friends Vietnam—the first professional pickleball club in Vietnam recognized by the AFP. Their combined efforts brought the championship to Ho Chi Minh City.

The championship featured intense competition across singles, doubles, and team events, showcasing players' skills at intermediate and advanced levels across various age groups, from 19 to over 50. With Vietnam hosting the tournament for the first time, a total prize pool of USD 30,000 awaits the deserving winners.

Vietnam emerged victorious, winning 17 golds, 15 silvers, and 17 bronzes to top the medal tally. Singapore followed with ten golds, and Chinese Taipei secured third place with six golds.

Nguyễn Nam Nhân, Deputy Director of the City's Department of Culture and Sports, remarked, "For the first time, Ho Chi Minh City is hosting an Asian-level pickleball tournament with over 400 participants. We anticipate an exceptional experience with top-notch matches for both athletes and fans. I encourage athletes to compete with integrity and the referees to officiate fairly, contributing to a successful tournament and memorable experience for all."

“This is a new beginning for Pickleball in Vietnam. I hope this sport will spread further in your country. I am very happy to receive love and affection from everyone for Pickleball. This tournament, with careful preparation from the Organizing Committee and the best equipment, was highly professional," shared Mr. Arvind, Chairman of the International Pickleball Federation.

"The Asia Federation of Pickleball (AFP) is committed to supporting and offering coach certifications and referee training courses to enhance the development of pickleball in Vietnam further," stated Jimmy Tan, CEO and Secretary General of APF. "We will continue collaborating with the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Pickleball and Friends (VN) to organize more tournaments in the future."

The tournament garnered significant media attention, with matches livestreamed daily at 3:00 p.m. from April 30 to May 4, 2024, on the OnSports channel (VTVcab) and the AFP's Facebook page.

In addition to the competitive matches, the Asia Federation of Pickleball (AFP) organized four-day IPTPA coaching certification, referee, and technical officer workshops. These workshops provided a comprehensive framework for training individuals to become competent pickleball referees, emphasizing understanding rules, mechanics, fair play, sportsmanship, and continuous improvement. They also covered how to oversee tournament progression and the roles and responsibilities of referees in ensuring smooth operations.

A total of 51 participants attended the Level 1 IPTPA course, 12 attended the Level 2 IPTPA course, and 71 participated in the referee and technical official workshops.

According to the organizers, Vietnam's achievement demonstrated the sport's strong development, despite its recent introduction in the country. The success of the first AOPC in Vietnam is expected to inspire more people to practice pickleball, lifting players' quality and technique.

The Organizing Committee expresses sincere gratitude to our esteemed partners, sponsors, media organizations, and more than 400 athletes, coaches, and spectators who contributed to a successful season.

We hope this tournament connects and brings Pickleball closer to fans, continuing to spread and develop further.



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